Clear & practical support when someone you love dies

Thinking about a time when you will no longer be there for your family is hard.

It’s easier not to. We understand.

Your relationships and achievements are what you value most in life; you have worked hard and taken great steps to provide for and protect those closest to you.

We can help you to minimise the impact of prolonged periods of anxiety, overwhelm, or even vulnerability whilst coping with loss on your loved ones – by reducing the time it will take and the decisions needing to be made at that difficult time. Words like Probate and Beneficiaries are hard to process when you’re struggling to cope with daily life, to function when emotions are running high.

In a world where litigation and government intervention are ever-increasing, you can take steps now to protect your legacy by giving a definite structure to your goals and desires.

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Obtaining probate

Identifying all of the deceased's assets

Paying Inheritance Tax

Grant of Representation

Estate administration

Preparing estate accounts

Transferring assets to beneficiaries

Distributing the balance of the state funds

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